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I’ve bought from there. Uptown Cheapskates has never bought anything from me and seem more picky. I bought stuff from Plato’s Closet that wasn’t in great condition and I bought stuff from Uptown Cheapskates it was in okay condition. If the item is trendy and meets the condition requirements of no stains, holes, or fading, the certified-buyer processing your buy will most likely be able to take that item regardless of brand. I will be stopping back in here next time I need to update my wardrobe! YOU DON’T NEED AN APPOINTMENT! Do I need an appointment to sell? We will always let you know what our store is in need of! These will certainly let you see what is saved without needing to open each drawer or owner. Clean your clothes, fold them nicely, and the workers will pay more attention to the items you bring in to sell.

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And the workers at Plato’s see piles after piles of clothing each day. The workers have your quick cash in their hands! But today I would like to share with you a few quick tips for making quick cash at Plato’s Closet so that you can go ahead and buy that new sweater. Stop in today to find your next favorite outfit! Stop in today and stop in often! We try to keep the wait time less than 45 minutes but since no appointment is necessary, there are times when the wait time exceeds this time limit. With no appointment needed, we buy every day and will pay you on the spot! Occasionally, the buyers will pass on all the items in a single buy. Could be that their customers prefer AE to Lucky, or that the plato’s buyers think their customers do. Also read: Plato’s Closet Broken Arrow Tulsa, Oklahoma We prefer that you bring your items in to sell before that time to allow the buyers plenty of time to evaluate and price your items. Actually, while brand-named items will be priced higher in the computer system, we will absolutely price trendy unknown-name brands a little higher in our computer system as well!

Clean store, friendly and quick customer service and a convenient location right in Cranberry.

WANTED: Guys, we will pay you cash on the spot for your gently used men’s apparel. Also read: Covergirl Pulled Out Of China And Is Now Certified For these apparel categories, we love them to have embellishments, a trendy pattern (like an animal print, tribal print, paisley, or floral), lace, ruffles, bold colors, an over-sized shape, trendy crop shape, fitting hourglass shape, and/or a trendy, uneven hemline. 124 cash and i think it was ehh ok considering it was brands like Miss me, Pink, F21, Pacsun, and a bunch more. Selling on Tuesday mornings means you can avoid the Saturday shopping crowd and make more quick cash than you normally would. Clean store, friendly and quick customer service and a convenient location right in Cranberry. Selling at Plato’s is one of the easiest ways to make quick cash for little things here and there. I love Platos I’m 70 and I get great verabradley bags, wonderful costume jewelry and shoes and great things for my 27 year old son! How much will Platos Closet pay me for a pair of size 3 Zana Di Jeans brand new with the tags still on them, original price 38 dollars and 99 cents?

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10 for a pair of Dockers D2s. I tried selling a pair of lucky jeans I had worn maybe 2-3 times and they said no. My friend sold them a pair of AE jeans (same size, style and wash) to them that trip. Maybe you don’t have the same type of girls in your local store, but my local store blows. Most of our stores buy and sell girls sizes 0 to 30 and guys sizes 28 to 40 waist, and we typically buy current styles that are still in the mall. Also, the say they pay you around 20% of the items “mall retail prices” and sell them for 30-40%. Total bull! You will receive 30-40% of what the item will sell for. How their prices work: They sell stuff 50-70% off retail price, You recieve 30-40% of what they sell it for, Computer system prices everything for them based on brand, style and condition. True, they DIDN’T buy my costume from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat left over from High School, but they did take several items (items in good condition) that I was just going to end up giving to Goodwill anyway.

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That’s true, it was a few years ago and I think they catered to the Abercrombie/Hollister/AE crowd. Also read: The WORST Month To Book Southwest Flights (and Other Secrets To Finding The Best Deals!) If you look like a rockstar when you walk in, they’ll think that the bag of clothes you are coming in to sell is gold. Time to start packing up your summer shorts and to be getting ready for cooler fall weather coming this way. This also means it is time to start shopping for a new fall wardrobe to cover up those somber feelings that the summer is almost over! It’s a good time y’all. Good prices and well organized. Fashion can be carried as well as worn. Plato’s Closet is a fashion savvy clothing store for teens and young adults. Also read: Is Skipping Lines Worth The cost. They have tons of Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister, and Ruehl items in their store. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve that work like a charm for selling more items. If you’re planning to choose a Ed Hardy Product as a gift for your families and friends, you can also purchase online, just please visit the Ed Hardy online storen for more discounts and save your money immediately! Today, you can see Ed Hardy stores here and there especially all over the world.

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See the brands we love HERE. Click here to see how the process works. I know the whole inner working of the buying process. Executing these ideas will certainly make finding your clothes a whole lot much easier. Although most of the time garage sales don’t have what you are looking for, occasionally you will find a great deal. We are looking to buy your unwanted shoes! Because our store accommodates teens and young adults, we don’t buy kid’s clothing; however, right around the corner is Once Upon A Child which buys and sells kid’s stuff! Because our store accommodates teens and young adults, we don’t buy kid’s clothing. Plato’s Closet in Beaverton buys and sells gently used teen and young adult clothing and accessories. Find all your favorite gently used teen brands under one roof for way less than you’d pay at the mall! Plus, you can shop the hottest looks for WAY LESS than the mall!